We have to get matured and do not talk about Ivermectin, jabs, wuhan virus lab escape. Let's grow up. I am totally converted. Love the WHO, it is the best organisation in the world. Love china communists. Jabs are 100% safe, no heart inflammation, no blood clots. Time tested and proven. Don't believe fake news. Edward Snowden on the most dangerous censorship: https://edwardsnowden.substack.com/p/on-censorship-pt-1


Please do

  • Give advice and value to others
  • Share your experience
  • It's ok to be opinionated
  • Be specific
  • Be civil. Don't be a jerk

Please do not

  • Copy and paste someone else's posts
  • Promote hate speech or flaming
  • Share bullshit, refrain from it
  • Spam, do not.