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A five day course of Ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19 may reduce the duration of illness
on Dec 14th 2020 by Svan

Free speech

The only people who wish to silence ideas are those who know they cannot defeat them with better ideas.
on Jan 13th 2021 by Svan

Stack Fallacy

Companies successful in one area often overvalue what they know and misjudge what they need to build or focus on next.
on Dec 3rd 2020 by Svan


One of the best explanation of how the economy works by Ray Dalio. It explains exchange, markets, credit and economic cycles.
on Dec 1st 2020 by Svan

Principles by Ray Dalio

"An approach to life based on principles helps me find out what’s true and what to do about it."
on Nov 3rd 2020 by Svan

Warren Buffett

"You only discover who’s been swimming naked when the tide goes out" Warren Buffett.
on Jan 29th 2022 by Svan

Latest Tips

on Jan 23rd 2022 by Svan

Free speech

Obligation to challenge is a safety factor!
on Oct 31st 2021 by Svan

What Technology Wants by Kevin Kelly

"Instead of expressing the work of genes, technology expresses ideas. Yet ideas never stand alone. They come woven in a web of auxiliary ideas, consequential notions, supporting concepts, foundational assumptions, side effects, and logical consequences and a cascade of subsequent possibilities. Ideas fly in flocks. To hold one idea in mind means to hold cloud of them."
on Jul 9th 2021 by Svan